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POP versus IMAP

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

Advantages: Keeps messages individually on the Sentex server. When you open your email program, you download message headers only. When you open a message, it's then downloaded to your computer, thus, startup time is faster. In addition, if you modify messages on our server (through our Web Mail Program) the changes are automatically made (synchronized) to your email on your computers.

Disadvantages: If your connection to your server goes down while you're working, and you haven't copied your messages to your local computer, you will have to reestablish a connection before accessing messages even though you can browse the headers. Connect time could be longer since you must be connected while you are browsing your messages or you must reconnect every time you access a message you haven't read.

Post Office Protocol (POP)

Advantages: Copies all messages to your local machine every time a connection is made to our server. Thus, if the connection goes down while you're working, you will still have your messages.

Disadvantages: You must synchronize your email program with your email box on our server. This can result in downloading new messages over and over, each time you connect. Using POP can also result in messages residing on computers you have previously used but to which you may not currently have access. The end result is you are sometimes unable to access all your messages when you need to.





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