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Site Hosting

You must register your domain name before Sentex can process this request.

To transfer a previously registered domain to Sentex you will need to contact your registrar to update your domain name records (DNS) to point to our server. Sentex cannot make changes to your registration information.

If you have not registered a domain name yet there are several Canadian registrars to choose from. Just click on one of the following links to be taken to a website where you can choose a registrar. When you have registered your domain, and pointed the DNS information to Sentex's Name servers, you may apply for web hosting with Sentex.

A complete list of available registrars is listed at the CIRA website. Sentex recommends using Webnames, because that organization is run by the same people who have been operating the Canadian Domain Registry since the beginning.

For more information on registering a domain and pointing the DNS to Sentex click here

Please note: You must keep records of the registrar's web address and your login information (user name and password).
If you do have records of the login information for your registrar, you will have to contact them, and have them make the necessary changes to your domain name information.
This must be completed before Sentex can set-up your webspace.

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