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Domain Hosting

Domain Information

If you want the world to be able to send you email and view your web pages using an address with your organization's name, you need a domain name. You'll need to register your domain with Network Solutions or a Canadian Registrar, which are described below in more detail (Sentex can offer assistance if you have questions during the registration process). Computers can then access your website files through Sentex, where your files will be located on our system. With a domain you also receive multiple e-mail addresses, for example, sales@your-company.com.

In order to host a domain with Sentex, you must have a Corporate, Small Business, or a Hosting account with us. If you would like to host more than one domain, there will be additional setup and hosting fees. Please contact us for more information.


While completing the online forms for either a Canadian or a .com, .org, .net domain, you will be asked to enter nameservers.  You'll need to enter the following Sentex nameservers if you want us to host your domain:

Nameserver Settings:
Primary Nameserver:
ns.sentex.ca IP Address:
Secondary Nameserver:
ns2.sentex.ca IP Address:
Third Nameserver:
(for use if registrar allows
for a third nameserver)
ns2.sentex.net IP Address:

VMail Service

Sentex uses a virtual mail system which is self-administering -- through a simple web-based interface, you can setup and modify your email accounts, passwords, forwards, vacation notices and mailing lists yourself, without needing to clear all changes with Sentex support staff. If you make quite a few email changes, you'd easily benefit from this feature.

The server supports POP3, POP3S, IMAP and IMAPS for mail retrieval. We really recommend POP3S or IMAPS--encrypting passwords is a good idea - -but we suggest IMAP because of its multiple folder capability. Vmail1 also features larger quotas (100MB), more suitable for IMAP usage rather than POP3 (though POP3 is still supported). IMAP is very handy for corporate clients because it allows for mail folders to be stored on the server, so that those folders are available at work, home or on the road via a webmail interface.

Our server will filter the spam out of the primary inbox into a spamtrap (.Spam), which is set up as a secondary IMAP folder. You won't be wasting bandwidth downloading unnecessary spam, but you also won't risk losing important email. Note that if you don't clean out the spamtrap, email there will be auto-deleted after 30 days. The ClamAV anti-virus package is also running on the server. Virus DataBase updates occur automatically on a daily basis. There is no extra charge for these particular services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.


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