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Site Hosting

Basic Requirements:

I have registered my domain name yes    no I don't know (click here for a list of Canadian registrars)
I have pointed the DNS information at Sentex   yes    no I don't know (click here for Sentex's DNS settings)

Contact Information:

Company Name:
Contact Name:
Postal Code:
Domain Name:

Do you require any of the following programming languages for your website?

I will not be using using any of the following for my website.
I DO NOT know - Please contact your web designer to confirm
I will be using PHP and/or a MySQL Database for my website.
I will be using ASP and/or an Access Database for my website.

Additional Features:

I will be using ODBC ( Microsoft's Open DataBase Connectivity) within my website yes no
I will be using a SSL Site Certificate (level 3 package minimum) yes no
Web Statistics are generated automatically and are FREE.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us

Hosting Packages:
Package Email RAID Storage Secure Server Database Monthly Rate** 6 Month Rate Annual Rate
Domain Pointing 1 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $36.00 
Sub-web* 1 shared n/a n/a $8.49  $46.95  $94.95 
Level 1 Hosting* 50 250 MB n/a n/a $16.99  $94.99  $189.99 
Level 2 Hosting* 100 500 MB n/a n/a $24.99  $137.99  $275.99 
Level 3 Hosting* 150 1 GB yes no yes no $44.99  $248.48  $496.99 
Level 4 Hosting* 250 2 GB yes no yes no $59.99  $331.48  $662.99 
Level 5 Hosting* 500 10 GB yes no yes no $99.99  $552.47  $1104.99 
*Additional set-up fees apply
**For MONTHLY packages pre-authorized payment via credit card or void cheque is required.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions Yes

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