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When I double-click the Internet Explorer, it says something about not being able to find or display the web page... why?

This is a common error message when the modem does not dial and establish a connection to the internet. The browser (Internet Explorer) will load regardless, as it is just a piece of software on your computer, but if the dial-up connection did not take place then there will be no way for the browser to find or display any information.

Check your internet connection settings to make sure that your browser has not been set to "Never Dial" a connection upon loading. You can do this by Right-Clicking the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop and choosing Properties from the menu that appears. Next click on the connection Tab that appears across the top of the information being displayed. Make sure that your browser is set to "Always Dial my Default Connection", which should be Sentex.

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When I check my mail I get disconnected from the Internet using Outlook Express.

Load Outlook Express click on the Tools Menu then find Options.
Now that you are at the Options box Click on the Connection Tab than make sure there is NO check mark after Hang up after sending and receiving.

Click Apply and OK your way out.

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When I try to login it rejects my password - why?

One of the major factors is that our system is case sensitive. The username & password your computer sends to our system MUST be identical to the username & password that we have on record. The most common mistake is having the Caps Lock key on.

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When my modem dials out, why do I get a message "No Dial Tone"?

This can be caused by something simple as a loose cable in the back of the modem. Check all cables on the back of the modem and make sure that it is plugged into LINE. If you are sure that the cables are correct, make sure that there actually is a dial tone on the line by picking up a phone connected to the same line. Also make sure that if you have a Bell answering system on your phone that there are no messages waiting which is indicated by a broken dial tone.
Another cause of this error message is if your modem has been struck by lightning. This will cause the exact same result. In most cases the modem is physically damaged and will have to be replaced

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Why can't I negotiate a compatible set of networking protocols?

This generally means that there was a problem with the Windows 95/98 networking being initialized. The best response is to reboot the computer and try again. If you still get this message after a reboot, configuring the DNS configuration under network - TCP/IP will help to fix this problem.

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What speeds can I expect with a 56K modem?

Most people report speeds in the low to mid 40K range. Connections from 40K to 46K are common. Above 46K is pushing the phone line to its limit.

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Why do I get disconnected every few minutes?

Disconnects generally stem from your modem having outdated firmware. Visit our support section under the modem category for lots of useful sites to visit to update your hardware.

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