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Dialup Connection Settings

Windows XP

Go to the Start button. Choose Programs, Accessories, Communications, New Connection Wizard. 'Welcome to the New Connection Wizard' appears. Hit Next.

  1. Network Connection Type. What do you want to do? Select "Connect to the Internet". Hit Next.
  2. Getting Ready. How do you want to connect to the Internet? Select "Setup my connection manually". Hit Next.
  3. Internet Connection. How do you want to connect to the Internet? Select "Connect using a dial-up modem". Hit Next.
  4. Connection Name. What is the name of the service that provides your Internet connection? Type "Sentex" in the box provided. In the box provided for your ISP's phone number, type the local Sentex phone number for your area.
  5. Internet Account Information. You will need an account name and password to sign into your Internet account. In the space provided beside "User Name" you want to type your Sentex account name or user name. For example, your user name would be " " if your email address at Sentex was " ". Type the password in the "Password" box and again in the "Confirm Password" box. Make sure you have all the boxes below checked if this is going to be the only account on this profile or computer. Hit Next.
  6. Hit Finish.

To sign on to Sentex try double-clicking on the Internet Explorer (Browser) or Outlook Express (Email Program) on your desktop. The Connect-To window should pop up. Hit the Connect button and the modem should dial.


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