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Email Accounts

This is your email accounts control panel.  Here you can add/delete and modify email accounts.  There is also the option to set the catch all mailbox which is used for mail that is not addressed to anyone specific.

Create Email Account

  1. To create a new email account click on "Create Email Account".

  2. Enter all the user information in email account, password and the name fields. 
    You can turn on "Spam Filtering" by clicking in the checkbox.

  3. Then click the "add" button to add the email account.

Once the account is created you will see it added to the email accounts control panel.

Delete Email Account

  1. To delete an account click on the trashcan under that "Email Account".

  2. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the email account.
    You can also forward the email address to another email account.

  3. Then click the "Confirm Delete" button to delete the email account.

Modify Email Account

  1. To modify an account click on the pen & paper under that "Email Account".

  2. This will take you to the user account settings.  For more information visit the User Accounts page 

Catch All Account

  1. To set the catch all account click on the button

  2. Once clicked the button will turn red.
    Only one email account can be set as the catch all


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